Farmers Need Time to Get Used to Software – Agro IT project in Poland

Łukasz Łowiński has been responsible for implementing innovative technologies on farms in Poland under the Agro IT project. He shared his experience in successfully implementing and testing PANTHEON Farming software and several types of sensors on Polish farms.

“Farmers quickly become accustomed to checking work results provided by various devices, although without proper support software it is not so simple. As with any software, farmers need time to get used to it, which is not easy in fieldwork conditions, as there is no time. A big advantage is the combination of all system functionalities in the PANTHEON Farming software, where data from multiple sensors are aggregated, and farmer can simultaneously analyze the situation on their farm on a regular basis. Farmers admit that it is highly convenient in their daily work.”

“Proper placement of sensors is very important. On the one hand, in barns and chicken coops measurement conditions where animals are present are very important (welfare), on the other hand devices cannot be in contact with animals or machines that support them (possible damage). The best places have proven to be any kind of transport or technical corridors. Devices sometimes require the use of simple covers.”


“Sensors used to measure atmospheric conditions (weather stations, stations measuring soil conditions, electronic pheromone traps) were placed in representative points for a given crop (in orchards in the line of trees, on fields outside the technical paths).”


Łukasz Łowiński, Senior Expert in the field of research and development of agro machines. He is responsible for preparation and localization processes, implementing and testing the PANTHEON Farming solution in Poland.

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