She is not only an integral part of the software development team at Datalab Agro, she also brings hands-on farming experience to the table so that farmers can get exactly what they need.

The Zagožen farm is situated in the Upper Savinja Valley, Slovenia. The farm consists of 24.5 ha of land, 4 ha of which are Alpine pastures. 6 ha of meadows are regularly cut and turned to fodder, while the rest are cut 4 times per year. In addition to arable land, the farm also has 13 ha of forest.

The main flock consists of 200 adult sheep, producing 500 to 560 lambs annually with an average dressed weight of 18 kg. In addition to sheep rearing, the farm started rearing heifers. At the moment they have 27 stabled heifers. The living space for animals is divided between 3 stables. The sheep are out grazing in the summer, whereas the heifers are always kept in the stables. Some of the heifers are kept on deep litter, the others on grated floors.
The only employee on the farm is the owner of the farm but his wife and children help out in the afternoon. His wife, Klavdija Kopač Zagožen, works in Datalab d. d., where she’s an important part of the development team for PANTHEON Farming. This is the product that the Zagožen farm is currently using. The desktop application is used for issuing invoices, keeping tax records, while the mobile app is used for keeping track of arrivals (births, purchases), disposals and medical treatments.

The Zagožen farm sees the most benefit in data availability. They no longer need to rummage through cartons of files to find data on a particular animal and to make new notes on that animal’s health or reproduction status. This comes in especially handy when there are recurring health issues with a particular animal, or when they want to check whether an animal’s offspring is suitable for further breeding or if they should sell them to a slaughterhouse. All of this speeds up and improves their everyday decision making abilities, and makes their work easier.

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