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Farmers Need Time to Get Used to Software – Agro IT project in Poland

Farmers Need Time to Get Used to Software - Agro IT project in Poland Łukasz Łowiński has been responsible for implementing innovative technologies on farms in Poland under the Agro IT project. He shared his experience in successfully implementing and testing PANTHEON...

Who more than Agro Industry Demands Real-Time Situation Awareness?

Seen this prediction by Gartner, Inc.? "By 2020, information will be used to reinvent, digitalize or eliminate 80% of business processes and products from a decade earlier." As the presence of the Internet of Things (IoT) — meaning connected devices, sensors and smart...

It’s Not Worth a Cent. Or Is It? Part II

Small Changes in Barns May Have Big Effects on Milk Production Ventilation and Air Conditioning in the Barn High temperatures and high humidity are known to have negative effects on milk production and efficient barn ventilation systems are a necessity in warm and...

PANTHEON Farming at Farm Entrepreneurship Forum in Odessa, Ukraine

Kristina Kuznetsova, managing director of Datalab Agro Ukraine, shared some of the insights and practical examples on how IT solutions, innovations and information shape today's agro-business. Dozens of agricultural experts and over 300 Ukrainian SME vegetable and...

It’s Not Worth a Cent. Or Is It? Part I

Small amounts of money are generally not considered as important, but in farming, an increase or decrease of price by 1 cent can make a considerable difference. Cost control in dairy farms In tough economic conditions reduction of production costs and increase of...

PANTHEON Farming under AGRO IT patronage at Agralim Fair

AGRALIM Fair was held between 1 and 4 September 2016, in the field, on an area of 10 hectares of land in the Romanian village Miroslava, Iaşi, at Ezăreni Farm, a didactic farm of the Agronomy University of Iaşi. Over 150 companies and national and international brands...

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