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Setting Roots for the Future – PANTHEON Farming EDU Programs

The future of farming is in the hands of those who strive towards more sustainable & eco-friendly agriculture. We at Datalab Agro applaud those who dare to take chances with implementing new technologies. We support young minds by cooperating with universities...

In PANTHEON Farming Veritas

Wine cellar and vineyard management in PANTHEON Farming Winegrowing and winemaking have been part of European culture since ancient times. People have been hoeing, pruning and maintaining their vineyards and making their wine for centuries. Creation of a good wine...

We Visited the Agrobiznis Conference in Ljubljana

Mojca Cuderman (Datalab Agro) exchanging ideas with Goran Živkov (agro economist, ProCredit Bank) We visited the Agrobiznis conference in Ljubljana on June 16th organized by Finance Business Daily. The main goal of the conference was to raise awareness of Slovenian...

Green Creates Business Opportunities – Digital Has an Impact

Circular Change Platform There are no sentences more suitable to describe Datalab Agro’s mission than the one in the title. This is exactly why Datalab Agro has recently become one of the founding stakeholders in the circular economy platform called Circular Change....

Precise fertilization plan saves money and the environment

Applying fertilizers is an environmental and a financial issue. Three most important elements, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are not widely available in arable land and must be added if we want to achieve high yields. Production of mineral fertilizers is a costly...

Turn grass into steaks and milk efficiently!

Cows and other ruminants have some kind of superpower as they are able to turn hard, inedible cellulose fibers into milk and meat. To help them to make this conversion as efficient as possible we have to provide them all the nutrients and a balanced diet. Every single...

Trapview – Automated Pest Monitoring System

Since preparations for the new growing season in the Northern Hemisphere are well under way, it is a good opportunity to discuss TRAPVIEW, the automated trap system, and get ready for the season. Trapview allows growers to...

Ukraine – Where Cereals Meet IT Industry

Datalab Agro Ukraine team attended National Internet of Things Conference in Kyiv. How Internet of Things makes agriculture smarter was discussed in Kyiv on February 27th. In the coming future all key agricultural decisions will be made with just a few clicks on a...

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The PANTHEON Farming newsletter brings amazing technologies for agriculture that shouldn’t stay in the lab closer to you. We strongly believe that it shouldn’t be a luxury to be both profitable and sustainable, and that technology can help big time. We invite you all to think about what kind of stakeholders we want to be.

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