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5 Successful Winemaking Habits

Winemaking is an unpredictable business. Weather conditions can affect the quality of the grapes, while the cellar temperature can influence the fermentation process. If we want to produce quality wine, all other factors which we can influence should be under maximum...

Unwanted Digital in Farming

Digital Dermatitis in the Digital Age We most commonly associate the word “digital” with computers but among cattle breeders it has a different meaning. In the minds of most dairy cow owners, it is associated with the disease known under the name digital dermatitis....

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The European Business Awards (EBA) exists to recognize and reward excellence, best practice and innovation in companies across Europe. EBA is now in its 9th year endorsing individuals’ and organizations’ success.

3 Key Areas of Farming Optimization

Optimization has been known as the key factor of success since the beginning of industrial production. Today, there are a large number of different software programs, which were developed for process and cost optimization in a specific field. But what about farming? Farming is a basic human activity, since it provides food and raw materials for the processing industry. Until recently, there were only partial solutions for different isolated processes in farming. There were programs for fertilizing plan calculation, programs for crop management, for dairy production, programs for farming accounting, etc., but none of these covered all aspects of optimization in farming.

Remote Sensing in Agriculture Is at the Doorstep

Many progressive farmers in the world are constantly looking for ways to maximize their returns. Some advanced technologies like Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) may provide new ways needed for farmers to maximize the economic and environmental benefits of precision farming.

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