“Pitfalls of young farmers are repeating the mistakes of previous generations,” Professor Emil Erjavec of the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana said at the Agra2016 round table. “Young people are the future. They are the foundation for critical changes in agriculture.”

It is obvious that young farmers are gaining in importance in agriculture. They are among the most active seekers of exact answers in how to be successful in farming. Together with them we attained the discussion organized by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, and took down prof. Erjavec’s statement on traps for young farmers.

“Agriculture has potential, however, we need to make a couple of steps forward in the direction of technological development, organizing farms and knowledge. Those are the biggest traps for young farmers. Farms should act as a serious business today, being able to connect and use technology. If not, you can repeat the story of 150 years ago. Individuals, start-ups, or success stories are insufficient, since the essence of the agricultural business is a strong agro chain. There is a lack of  “brokers” – intermediaries between the links of the chain, from producers to end users. It is also important to change the sociological values in the direction of mutual assistance and cooperation. Also a mistake of  older farmers, which should not be repeated.” E. Erjavec, PhD, Full Professor, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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