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Ervin Andrejčič

“We’re special because we reach for new technologies relatively fast, as we want to make our work easier, improve production and put less stress on ourselves.”

Ervin Andrejčič, farmer

Ervin Andrejčič

What kind of farm do you have and what is your main activity?
Our main activity is animal husbandry, with a special emphasis on feeder pigs. Besides that, we also farm crops, especially wheat.

How big is your farm, how many people work there and how long has it existed?
The farm is 25 ha, 7 ha of which is forest. 6 members of the family help out on the farm. It has existed for a long time, but I’ve taken it over just over a year ago.

Where do you sell your products and how do you market them?
We mainly market our products locally, but because our reputation precedes us, clients come to us. Since our production is for self-sufficiency, we can easily sell the surplus to locals.

What differentiates you from farms with similar activities? What makes you special?
We’re special because we reach for new technologies relatively fast, as we want to make our work easier, improve production and put less stress on ourselves. That’s why we quickly introduced electronic record keeping and modernized our farm machinery. Another reason lies in the fact that we prioritize environmental preservation and ecological production. We’re looking for niches in traditional production and we’re keeping up with the times.

Who are you grateful to for your success so far? What motivates you and drives you forward?
Mostly my parents and grandparents, who’ve built it all and who stand by my side. Another important factor is my motivation and my desire to farm. The biggest motivation for me is experimenting with new varieties and production methods that are ecological and environmentally friendly.

Why did you decide to buy/lease PANTHEON Farming?
I decided to buy it because I’m good with computers and since keeping records on the computer is much easier than it is on paper.

What kind of benefits did you expect of the program (e.g. less time spent entering data and making reports, farm and cost overview, higher efficiency, control over pesticide and fertilizer usage, tracking, etc.)?
The biggest improvements have definitely been saving time and having a better overview. Paperwork can be daunting as you can easily lose track of something and you can’t have a real overview. The program helps me to access data very quickly and it calculates certain things automatically, which reduces my work load.

To what extent did it meet your expectations?
To a great extent. The only thing I miss is a connection to the VOLOS system.

How would you describe your experience with PANTHEON Farming?
Once you get it, you can’t do without. The system is constantly being improved and it gets better every time.

Did you attend any training? Was it a challenge to start using the program?
I attended the basic training, the rest I learned on my own.

Would you recommend PANTHEON Farming to a friend, neighbor or another farm? Why?
Of course. If you want to save time and money, this is the right investment. You get a good overview of the farm and you’ll be much more organized.

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