An old farming joke about profitability in farming says: ‘Take two million and work very hard. At the end of the year you’ll have one million.’

Farming has always been seen as not very profitable business as it was always believed that the future lied in cities. Today we are certain that none of this is true. The land is our future and profitability in farming is possible with substantial help of precise planning, cost control, and effective resource management.

Planning is the first step to success

Crop rotation planning is standard at any modern farm. But how can we know how changing one crop in the cycle will affect the overall yield? Does yield increase enough to cover the expenses of a second application of fertilizer or the use of a more expensive fertilizer?

The CROP Optimizer computer modelling system in PANTHEON Farming enables us to predict the effects and calculates the possible financial value of additional fertilizers or a change in crop rotation.

Cost control

During the growing season, farmers have to have a cost overview over the use of resources. When we record the use of fertilizer or any other resource on the field, the software automatically calculates expenses so we know the exact expenses for every minute. We can record expenses for each field or crop and at the end of the season, the program calculates the cost price of our harvest.

Resource management

The next important issue regarding profit in farming is the effectiveness of resource use. Big farms with employees must plan availability of workers and machinery to cut costs.

Agricultural machinery is not used every day and with planning, we can increase efficiency of its use by offering machinery services to other farmers. The PATNEHON Farming software also provides activity records for every worker and provides the basis for monthly payments.

PANTHEON Farming provides a detailed warehouse overview so we can check the value of our goods at any given moment. Warehouse data can also be accessed via a mobile application.

It is the precise overview of costs and tasks that provides the basis for well-planned and -managed farms. This is why the slogan Measured. Managed. Profitable. has been chosen to be part of our identity.

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