Mojca Cuderman (Datalab Agro) exchanging ideas with Goran Živkov (agro economist, ProCredit Bank)

We visited the Agrobiznis conference in Ljubljana on June 16th organized by Finance Business Daily. The main goal of the conference was to raise awareness of Slovenian companies that come up with innovative food-production technologies, ideas or business models that would lead to greater self-sufficiency. What’s more, it stressed the importance of farmers directly participating in the sale and marketing of their own products.

We chose two interesting quotes by Mr. Živkov to share with you.

“It pays off to produce vegetables – for export, too. One of the most competitive fruits now are raspberries, one of the reasons being the increased demand for berries. But the price of plums is currently growing most rapidly.”

“Farming subsidies have lulled Slovenian farmers. Slovenia also missed the opportunity to buy cheap farmland in Serbia.”

Goran Živkov,
former minister of agriculture in Serbia, now director at ProCredit Bank a.d.

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