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Datalab Agro AG is an ambitious young company developing best-of-breed software for the largest industry on the planet – agriculture, creating one of the biggest agriculture IT solutions groups in the region.

Datalab Agro AG

A company based in Pfäffikon, Switzerland, next to Lake Zürich.

Datalab Agro AG is an ambitious young company developing best-of-breed software for the largest industry on the planet – agriculture. Through its product, PANTHEON Farming, it provides tools for complete management of farming operations and finances. Because of its struggling phase agriculture needs to be empowered with digital tools with urgency on an individual, national and international scale. In recent years Datalab Agro AG has developed services and agricultural trade networks around Europe.

The development of PANTHEON Farming, a system for monitoring agricultural production, started in Datalab d.d. in the fiscal year 2011 and the product was first publicly released in June 2012. Market opportunities for the product are significant because of FADN requirements in all EU countries and candidates.

Datalab AGRO AG was founded on 1 April 2014 in order to trade with PANTHEON Farming in Switzerland and third markets (markets not covered by Datalab subsidiaries).

Soon its Datalab Agro subsidiaries followed, creating one of the biggest IT solutions groups for agriculture in the region:

  • Datalab Agro SI d.o.o. – 2015
  • Datalab Agro UA Ltd – 2015
  • Datalab Agro d.o.o. Cro – 2015
  • Datalab Agro Polska sp.z.o.o. – 2015
  • Datalab Agro RO – 2016

PANTHEON Farming is being traded by Datalab subsidiaries in:

  • Serbia by Datalab SR d.o.o.
  • Macedonia by Datalab MK d.o.o.

In those countries, PANTHEON Farming is localized both in terms of legislation and language. Legislative localization means that the program has been prepared for work according to the laws and regulations of the country where it is used.

Datalab Agro Management

Andrej Mertelj

Chief Executive Officer

Andrej (born 1970) is best described as a serial entrepreneur with a passion for IT. After secondary school, he studied computer science, but dropped out just before graduating to pursue an entrepreneurial career.

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At the age of sixteen he published the first of many articles, lectures and even books. Almost thirty years of experience in IT and twenty five in entrepreneurship have given him a unique mix of skills and knowledge, which has made its mark on PANTHEON, the leading SME ERP in Southeast Europe. His passion is now building SME cloud services with Telcos and bringing the benefits of modern IT to farmers. Andrej is the chairman of KODA.SI, the Association of Slovenian Software Vendors, he was president of the Slovenian Association of IT and Telecommunications at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, and he is a member of several standardization bodies. He was government adviser in several EURO changeovers, VAT and fiscal register, and one of the boldest opponents of EU’s software patent and ACTA directive. He is a frequent mentor on startup events, CEED and entrepreneurial workshops.

Benjamin Stengl

Chief Finance Officer

Benjamin studied at the University of St.Gallen (HSG), graduating 2006 as Master of Arts in Banking and Finance. Already during his studies, ha was developing database solutions and working as data analyst in the financial industry.

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Between 2006 and 2012, he worked at Credit Risk Control of the Wealth Management division of UBS with focus on implementation of credit risk models in the daily business including IT implementation.

Since 2012 he is employed as senior consultant at Mattig Management Partners in Switzerland. In this role, he is responsible for several operations of the Mattig network in Southeast Europe, namely the office in Vienna, Bratislava, Timisoara, and Sibiu (both Romania). Since 2014 he is preparing the market entry of PANTHEON Farming in Romania with a completely new team in Bucharest.

Andreas Mattig

Chief Executive Officer

Andreas Mattig studied in St Gallen and at the Nanyang Technology Institute Singapore Banking and Finance (M.A.) and International Relations (M.A). He holds a PhD in Finance, also from the University of St Gallen.

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After working in trading and in the financial service industry, Andreas co-founded Mattig Management Partners, a consultancy in Central and Eastern Europe, present today in 8 countries, where he still acts as CEO and President of the Board and gained practical experience in building up a multi-country corporate structure in Europe. Andreas is – apart of group companies and Datalab Agro – also Chairman of the Board of Cime Capital, a private equity partnership in Switzerland. He remains also linked to academia, mainly through an affiliation with the St Gallen Institute of Management in Asia, Singapore.

Mojca Justin

Chief Sales Officer

Mojca has graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana, with a Master’s degree in International Trade. Her very first experience with software solutions was in 1996.

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She has been working in the IT industry since 2000, mostly with software providers such as SAP, S&T, Perftech in management positions in sales, marketing or channel. She has also been deeply involved in other processes on an operational level, such as accounting, purchasing, material & production management and controlling. Lately she has been dedicated to managing start-ups and opening new markets for different products and services.

She joined Datalab in January 2014. She has successfully built up sales of the new PANTHEON solution for farm management in Slovenia. In November 2015 she was assigned the role of CSO of Datalab Agro AG and the role of managing director of DATALAB Agro Slovenia.

Company Information

Address: Bahnhofstrasse 3,
CH-8808 Pfäffikon
Telephone: +41 55 415 5476
Fax: +41 55 415 5401
Director: Andreas Mattig
Tax No. (UID): CHE-237.145.763
Bank Account: IBAN: CH98 0663 3740 1502 0508 6
Swift BIC: RBABCH22633

PANTHEON Farming – Pursuing Core Values of the Field

At Datalab Agro, we’re committed to state-of-the-art products, high-speed integration and product accessibility. Datalab Agro offers farmers cutting-edge products and services that enhance their agricultural business.


We believe that empowering farmers with the proper tools will lead them to maximize profitability and be environmentally sustainable. We want to deliver a single standardized interface (hub) that will solve every problem a farmer is faced with.


We have the courage and ability to transform innovative solutions into usable tools united in the PANTHEON Farming management system to enhance farmers’ business efficiency.


PANTHEON Farming is the 1st and ultimate choice of Farm Management Information System for farmers.

Business Goals

  • Eliminate waste through data-driven management of the farm
  • Connect the farm digitally to the ecosystem (suppliers, agricultural consultants, accountants, etc.)
  • Reduce/automate bureaucracy
  • Unify data silos
  • Take agriculture into the information age!

Brand Essence – Continuous Innovation

Being part of the Datalab community, Datalab Agro is committed to its development philosophy:
Kaizen and Evolutionary Software Development.

Here at Datalab, we believe in evolutionary software development. Our development philosophy is best described by the Japanese Term Kaizen, which means continuous improvement and progress. This concept has a strong presence in the open-source community, because an evolutionary approach allows for quick upgrades at low cost. These upgrades are based on user feedback, public testing and user groups. Suggestions are evaluated and used as the basis for specifying changes. This is followed by development, testing and localization, after which the new update can be released. Users can decide for themselves whether they want to upgrade. Users thus become developers themselves.

In the past eight years, we’ve perfected this methodology. We have special tools, which automatically generate localizations of the program. The mechanism for following requests made by users is intertwined with user help (Help Desk), which enables us to plan, allocate resources and inform users efficiently. Dedicated web servers allow us to create and publish video manuals. We’ve also developed our own tool for writing user manuals – the Datalab DocuMentor, which enables editing and synchronizing vast multilingual user manuals.

Creating dedicated tools increases productivity of our developers and is one of the biggest reasons for Datalab’s success.

AgroIT is an EU funded project that will implement an open platform based on open standards. Project will deliver applications and services to various stakeholders: farmers, local communities, state institutions, consulting institutions in farming (government founded and private) and EU institutions.

Career at Datalab Agro

Do you see the enormous challenges facing us in supporting farmers to produce more healthy food more sustainably? Do you want to help farmers on their way to the information age? If yes, you will fit right in. Feel free to contact us!

Currently available positions

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