Fruits & Nuts Module

Whatever sort of fruit you cultivate, PANTHEON Farming can assist you to achieve optimal results. It’s widely known that fruit and nut orchards require big investments – thousands of Euros spent on seedling materials, agrochemicals, water, and human resources. But how do you ensure a harvest bountiful enough to pay off that kind of investment? The answer lies in efficient orchard and financial management.

“Our highest priority is managing seasonal workers who come to pick fruit. We are tired and confused from paper records, therefore we expect that barcodes and electronic employee management will reduce the chaos. During especially busy times, we have about 300 people who are harvesting. We need to track the performance of each of them.”
Vadim Grebenyuk

Director of Grenvis LLC, an orchard located in Vinnitsa region, Ukraine

Main features

  • Complete overview of agricultural and accounting process with one data entry
  • Use of the mobile application by every worker
  • Pest monitoring on various locations for precise determining of their number
  • Alert system for increased number of pests.
  • Historical comparison of number of pests.
  • Mobile pesticide calculator for maximal effect of spraying.
  • Pest monitoring
  • Traceability of worker efficiency during harvesting, pruning.
  • Traceability of production costs by variety, orchard or applied technology.
  • Dashboards & analysis for fruits and nuts.

Pest monitoring

Codling moths can be traced via automatic pest traps. Their number is shown in PANTHEON Farming and the System warns you when it’s time for spraying.

Mobile pest calculator

You can calculate the optimal dosage on your smartphone on location.

Weather forecast activities on your mobile

A precise weather forecast is one of the main factors in optimizing daily tasks, especially in orchards, where weather data is more important than in crop production.


Pruning is greatly related to fruit size and quality. We will show you how to set up norms and evidence in control in order to be able to pay workers based on their true efficiency.


Harvest is the most labor-intensive activity in the growing season. In this case we will show you how to set norms and records in control in order to be able to pay workers based on their true efficiency.

Situations where PANTHEON Farming module is needed

  • Processes are not IT supported.
  • Minimal or inefficient cost control.
  • No traceability of workers, no control of their real efficiency.
  • Working “by gut feeling”. No overview of required work in location.
  • No possibility to record event and material usage on the spot. Errors in recording.
  • Material theft on the farm.
  • Poor yield-cost comparison.
  • Lack of overview of actual quantities of produced and sold products.

The Complete Business Overview of Your Farm

Your data will be posted to the proper accounts in no time. See videos on how PANTHEON Farming is helping you to get down to business quicker.
PANTHEON Farming Mobile App
Did you know that using mobile applications shortens data recording time per worker?
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Would you like to know why farmers will never use paper or Excel again?
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