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You may use the content and interactive services on this Site (www.datalab.ch). Any abuse through special software or otherwise is strictly prohibited. Abuse constitutes any action resulting in or intending to cause damage to Datalab Agro AG (hereinafter referred to as Datalab Agro) or any other entity or individual. Datalab Agro assesses any abuse of data or services on this Site at its own discretion and reserves all rights relating to that. Datalab Agro sanctions any abuse of this Site at its own discretion. These terms apply to all web pages of this Site unless stated otherwise.


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The content on this Site is property of Datalab Agro unless stated otherwise. The Site’s content may not be copied, distributed or reproduced in any other way without written consent of Datalab. The Site’s content may not be republished on other sites, in part or whole. The title and most the first paragraph of an individual page may be used if the following terms are fulfilled:

  • a link to the source must be included;
  • the source citation must include the name “PANTHEON Farming” and/or the PANTHEON Farming logo;
  • the author of the original content, if known;
  • collecting and publishing the Site’s content in an organized fashion is strictly prohibited.

Datalab Agro may not be held responsible for temporary unavailability of the Site. Furthermore, Datalab Agro may not be held responsible for any inaccurate information on the Site nor for any damages resulting from the use of inaccurate or incomplete information. Datalab Agro reserves the right to change these Terms without prior notice to the Site’s users.

Last update: 15 June 2016.

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