Benefits of PANTHEON Farming

PANTHEON Farming is much more than a single technology. It integrates a variety of systems and collects data on an appropriate scale at a suitable time. With data interpretation and analysis, PANTHEON Farming supports a wide range of management decisions and results in higher profitability.

Produce Even More

Every field is a different story and needs different treatment to achieve maximal profit possible. PANTHEON Farming Agroclimatology gives you the possibility of fast and precise strategic decision-making. It connects to  a variety of data source providers (such as weather stations) and gives you information on weather, temperature, water and soil for each field.

React Quickly

Farming business is often heavily dependent on natural influences such as extreme weather conditions or pest spreading.

PANTHEON Farming takes care on these factors and warns farmers to focus only on the important issues. It uses satellite-assisted monitoring and warning mechanisms. Soil dryness, lack of nutrients, pests, and diseases will never surprise you again.

Plan(t) for Profit

Choosing the best crops for specific soil types and fertilizing them appropriately makes a significant difference in your cost structure. PANTHEON Farming brings predictive analytics to your farm management. Applications such as Crop Optimizer and Fertilizer Plan make sure your profit comes first.

Optimize Animal Feeding

In order to produce quality dairy and meat, your animals need to be fed properly. That can be related to significant costs, especially if production is not monitored closely.

PANTHEON Farming Feeding plans enable you to optimize your production to perfection. You can ensure high nutritional value and maintain control over feeding costs. PANTHEON Farming has the capability to integrate with feeding and milking machinery to optimize your processes even further.

Always with You

Managing your farm is a dynamic business and getting all the data right at the end of the day can be overwhelming. Therefore, PANTHEON Farming includes a mobile version as well. It enables you to enter tasks or check stock on the go. The simple and easy-to-use mobile application drastically reduces human error and saves valuable time.

Reports You Can Use

Modern farm management needs clear and useful data. But how to get useful reports without investing long hours? With PANTHEON Farming, you can get the reports you need within seconds. Fully customizable, they can be used to make better decisions, impress your stakeholders or save valuable time with subsidy reporting.

Satisfy Stakeholders

In order to maintain your farming business, different stakeholders need to be satisfied. PANTHEON Farming gives you all the necessary information to make quick and informed decisions, and to present them to all audiences.

Have All the Knowledge in One Place

PANTHEON Farming produces valuable field and management information and the data are stored on computers and servers. You can thus accumulate knowledge about your farm and production to achieve better time management.

PANTHEON Farming gives you the power to manage your farm smarter.
Contact us and we will help you build a successful business.

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