An Ideal Solution for Mixed Farms

PANTHEON Farming excels not only for managing crops and cattle, it includes modules for all farming activities (from orchards to horse breeding), as well as managing the business side of your farm with modules for services, personnel, full-fledged accounting, enterprise and farm performance management, and much more.

“Farming management information solutions are an inevitable part of the advanced agriculture operations of today. They help farmers in managing financials, farming operations and labour management. This, in turn, improves the productivity and profitability.”

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By selecting specific crops (corn, wheat, potatoes, pumpkins, etc.), the module determines the crop production cycle and provides users with an estimate of the yield and duration of the cycle.

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Commercial vegetable production requires deliberate and targeted tasks, which will be monitored by our production planning concept.

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The Grassland & Pastures module deals with cultivation of permanent grasslands.

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The program allows you to manage your vineyards and/or cellars by tracking the whole process from growing grapes to bottling wine, constantly being aware of production costs and quality of the wine.

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Wine (NEW)

The module can act as a standalone module for all winery processes to be easily recorded, observed, handled and planned. The Mobile app enables you to manage your wine cellar on your phone.

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Fruits & Nuts

The module offers a complete SW for orchard materials and financial management, allowing you to track fruit growing cycles, pest & disease monitoring, record tasks, and reduce production costs.

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The module enables you to manage all technical parameters of individual animals. Based on your animal records, you can track animal movements, the cost and progress of medical treatments, reproduction parameters, information about lactation, meals and the animals’ growth.

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The module enables you to manage all technical parameters of individual animals. Based on your animal records, you can track animal movements, the cost and progress of medical treatments, reproduction parameters, information about lactation and the animals’ growth.

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The module enables you to manage all technical parameters of individual animals. You can track animal movements, the cost and progress of medical treatments, reproduction parameters, information about lactation, meals, fodder contents and the animals’ growth.

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Goats & Sheep

This module enables you to manage all technical parameters of individual animals. Based on your animal records, you can track animal movements, the cost and progress of medical treatments, reproduction parameters, information about lactation and the animals’ growth.

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You can manage processes for individual animal groups: fodder consumption, medical treatments, growth, etc. A user-friendly interface will give you insight into group movements and the current condition of your poultry houses.

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Meteoblue is our weather forecast service provider.

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GIS Feeds

Map Viewer is part of PANTHEON Farming where GIS (Geo Information System) data are presented in a way the farmer can easily understand.

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Field Sensors

Automated pest monitoring system that monitors insects, which are lured into insect traps.

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Milking robots store information about animal milking.

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Ag Machinery

As the members of AEF we are involved in the enforcement of ISOBUS standard.

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The Service module is designed for companies which offer repair services or give warranty for sold products. Specific features of the Service module include balanced receipts and issues.

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With the Goods module you can issue and receive invoices, transfer goods between warehouses, and execute all item operation transactions – perform invoicing and manage item bookkeeping.



It enables you to prepare a detailed, itemized list of things in stock – the inventory count. It can be carried out with the Pantheon program package at the end of the year or for shorter periods.

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The Personnel module is designed for complete HR management (employee files, calendars, travel orders, payroll, health and safety at work, forms and employment).

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For easy management of cash operations using mobile or desktop devices intended for the service sector and shops, in the office or in the field.

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Here you can view customer and supplier balances and outstanding payments, create payments and see other financial reports. FADN (Farm Accountancy Data Network) reporting can also be found here.

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Data gathered through operational funnel, are automatically transferred into inventory accounting and from there into financial accounting. It allows you to view suppliers’ and customers’ account cards, displaying and printing payment orders as well as various reports.

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The program allows complete management of warehouses. You can choose between various valuations of stock.

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The Goods module enables transfer of goods between warehouses and execution of all item operation transactions – perform invoicing and manage item bookkeeping.

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The program allows the calculation and creation of Value Added Tax forms.

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The program enables users to manage fixed assets, small inventory and depreciation.

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The program displays a calendar with all scheduled events as well as a quick overview of the farm. Data can be filled automatically or manually.

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The program enables monitoring of sales orders, inquiries, quotations on one side or purchase orders, offers, demands on the other. Orders can be the basis for creating invoices for goods, and the basis for work orders from manufacturing.

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The program enables conducting business electronically which totally replaces the classic paper form of invoices and saves money for both issuers and recipients.

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The program assures document compliance as well as meeting the production standards in the form of legal regulations and quality assurance labels.

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Complete Overview of PANTHEON Farming Features


Production cycles

  • Enter data for all crops
  • Each crop with its own cycle
  • Every cycle creates a work order
  • Select fields for each cycle
  • Planning start and end dates
  • Planning production quantity
  • Work order statuses updated automatically
  • Work order statuses can be changed manually

Daily tasks

  • Individual tasks in crop farming for individual cycles
  • Tasks recorded by groups according to agri-environmental records
  • Enter additional data for agri-environmental records
  • Assign workers to cycles
  • Assign materials to cycles
  • Select fixed assets involved in tasks
  • Cycles are closed automatically when produced quantity reached planned quantity
  • Task history
  • Data filtering

Fertilization plans

  • Prepare fertilization plans with detailed calculation of fertilization elements N, P, K (added with fertilizers and consumed by crops)
  • Automatically calculate shortage or surplus of nutrients
  • Take into account soil analysis in calculation
  • Adjustable time span of the fertilization plan

Records about individual animals

  • All data about an animal in one place

Animal family trees

  • FADN types automatically created and updated
  • Production statuses of animals

Animal register

  • List of animals in a holding
  • List of animal movements for each animal
  • Animal register printout

Milking records

  • Milking history
  • Data input on daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Milk analyses for each milking
  • Select animals to be milked in each milking
  • Time tracking for individual workers
  • Milking records for each holding

Veterinary activities journal

  • Overview of all treatments
  • Data filtering
  • Each treatment is assigned to a veterinarian
  • Recording of reproduction and veterinary treatment costs for individual animals


  • Feeding plans preparation for different categories with detailed calculation of nutrients
  • Feeding plan tuning for milk quantity or daily growth in comparison with energy intake and consumption ability
  • Import of fodder from web service with defined nutritional values
  • Calculation of feeding plan costs
  • Recording of feeding with calculation of costs per animal
  • History of feeding on animal records

Stable tasks

  • Time and materials tracking for various tasks
  • Time worked is automatically transferred into HR
  • Materials spent or produced are automatically recorded
  • Select fixed assets involved in tasks
Grapes & Wine


  • Detailed information about varieties and rootstocks

Cellar overview

  • Overview of wine in stock per barrel
  • Graphical and tabular cellar overview
  • Sell wine directly from the barrel
  • Optional graphical formation of barrels in the cellar
  • Wine temperature recording and overview

Cellaring tasks

  • Record winemaking tasks from grape pressing to wine bottling with traceability of wine through the process
  • Calculate costs of individual tasks and used materials for cost price calculation of wine
  • Trace used materials for cellaring tasks
  • Record wine blending and racking
  • Calculate sugar and alcohol content with different sugar scales (Baume, Brix, Oechsle)
  • Record wine analysis to determine wine quality
Fruits & Nuts
  • Orchard overview with detailed information by fruit type
  • Set norm for harvest workers
  • Agroclimatology (integration with automatic weather stations)
  • Pest scouting (integration with automatic traps)
  • Visual pest scouting
  • Phenology monitoring for all fruit productions
  • Pedology
  • Set pruning norms
  • Calculating efficiency of working hours for harvest and pruning
  • Detailed orchard inventory (by rows, tree dimensions, rootstock, etc.)
  • Multiple orchard activities
  • Weather forecast
  • Weather data history
  • Analysis of technological production data

Cost monitoring

  • Tracking costs for individual animals through cost centers
  • Tracking costs for individual production cycles of land parcels through cost centers
  • Distribution of general costs (water, electricity, etc.) to individual animals, production cycles of land parcels through distribution keys


  • Receiving and issuing invoices
  • Tracking of material in stock
  • Reports for VAT
  • For each movement, disposal, etc., the program creates a material document


  • Accounting based on standardized chart of accounts
  • Automated creation of invoices for reproduction and medical treatments by veterinarians
  • Register of Fixed Assets

FADN reporting

  • Monthly reporting
  • Automatic data import
  • Possible data adding and editing
  • Report printing or exporting enabled

Agricultural holding

  • Data about agricultural holdings
  • Data import from the register
  • Every holding acts automatically as a warehouse
  • List of holdings, organization by animal types
  • Organization of animals into groups/flocks
  • List of parcels
  • Organization of parcels into fields
  • Parcel location
  • Details about parcels for agri-environmental records
  • List of household members
  • FADN statuses for FADN reporting
  • Every household member is automatically transferred into personnel files
  • List of consultants, with details for FADN reporting
  • List of veterinarians with animal treatment details
Business Intelligence

Key indicators

  • Overview of herd structure by FADN for cattle, sheep, goats and pigs
  • Overview of monthly milk quantity for whole farm
  • Overview of milk quantity according to milk analyses
  • Overview of monthly somatic cell count for the whole farm
  • Overview of offspring numbers for pigs

Reproduction, cattle

  • Insemination index counter
  • Non-return rate counter
  • Graphical overview of veterinarian and reproduction costs
  • Tabular daily overview of animals before first insemination
  • Tabular daily overview of animal stages in the reproduction cycle

Reproduction, pigs

  • Graphical overview of reproduction events
  • Total number of reproduction events per animal
  • Overview of daily events per animal

LPIS map

  • Location of LPIS on map
  • Indication of material and time usage for production cycle in the selected period

More practical questions from everyday use of PANTHEON Farming are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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