PANTHEON Farming integrates some of the best agricultural solutions.


Meteoblue is our weather forecast service provider. Together with measured agroclimatology data from iMetos stations we enable farmers to have a complete picture of meteorological influences on crops from both past and the future.

GIS Feeds

All farmers’ data, like animals, machinery, fields, buildings have a location on earth. Map Viewer is part of PANTHEON Farming where these data can be analyzed. We added a GIS (Geo Information System) through our Map Viewer feature which combines and presents information in a way that farmers can see and easily understand.


The next thing that we are integrating are images from remote sensing devices and indices that are calculated from them.  Remote sensing technology is a key tool in providing you with the big picture of your fields. In PANTHEON Farming we added the Sinergise service that we call SatFeeds to give you remote sensing images of your land holdings every five days and these cost ca. 10 euros per hundred hectares.

Basic functions of remote sensing data are agriculture monitoring and examination of plant health before and after plant nutrition or irrigation.

Crop Optimizer

In PANTHEON Farming we integrated a decision support tool for growers called Crop Optimizer. Based on mathematical modeling of plant growth, Crop Optimizer gives bases for economical decisions that save water and fertilizers and care about the yield and the profit at the same time.

Field Sensors

In PANTHEON Farming we integrated an Automated Pest Monitoring System that monitors insects, which are lured into insect traps.  Based on the energy independent and weather resistant pheromone traps that send pictures of trapped pests into PANTHEON Farming it enables raising accuracy and decreasing costs of pest control in simple way.

Milking Robots

DeLaval milking robots store information about animal milking. PANTHEON Farming enables import of milking data from your DeLaval milking robot. With one simple click user can import data of milk quality and quantity of individual animal.

Agricultural Machinery

As one of 160 members of AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation) we are involved in the implementation and enforcement of electronic and electrical standards. Our concern is compatibility regardless of manufacturer as well as informing the agricultural public of applications and benefits of ISOBUS and other standards.

AEF Foundation mission: »No matter which brand of tractor, implement or software you buy, each one works with the other.«

ISOBUS standard (ISO 11783)

Electronics are the key drivers of innovation in Ag machinery because mechanical improvements only have a limited potential for increasing yields. ISOBUS preferentially standardizes the communication and ensures compatibility between tractors and implements but also facilitates the data transfer between those mobile systems and farm management systems, like PANTHEON Farming.

Equipped with ISOBUS machinery farmers will be able to create a task like fertilizing or spraying a certain field with their farm management information system, transfer the data to the Universal Terminal in their tractor and run the task through their fertilizer spreader. The data of the finished job can then be transferred to the farm management system for documentation purposes and used again another time.

Farmers who insist on using different color/brand machinery are well advised to buy ISOBUS equipment, even more so, if they want more efficiency and comfort in their work.

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