Crops, Vegetables, Grasslands and Pastures

PANTHEON Farming can help you run your crop, vegetable or grassland and pasture farm.

The modules help you make optimal decisions for a variety of tasks, giving you early warnings so you’re always on schedule. They consolidate all the data on your farm to give you an accurate picture of the costs involved in growing your crops.

“At the very beginning we had several problems: we had to record commodity prices, figure out how to reduce costs, increase efficiency and be more organized to collect all information relevant to the management team, how to bring our production into the future, when to use crop protection products, and how to use all of this information at the right time.”
Suzana Dimitrievska

Head of the EKO Ilinden Cooperative, Macedonia

Main Features

  • Streamline agricultural and accounting processes with one data entry.
  • Use of Crop production mobile application by each worker.
  • Optimization of fertilization and irrigation.
  • Planning, optimizing and controlling crop cycles.
  • Overview of stock in warehouses.
  • Pest monitoring in multiple places for precise pest determination.
  • Alert system in time of increased pest population.
  • Mobile Pesticide calculator for calculating pesticide quantity on location.
  • Disease monitoring.
  • Dashboards & analytics for crops.
  • Simplified finance for land management.

Know your land

PANTHEON Farming helps you organise your owned or leased cadastral parcels. When you lease land to 3rd parties or when you lease land from them, contracts, payments or barters are tracked.

Fields & Crop Areas

Fields are defined upon cadastral parcels and define land on which you can grow your plants. Fields can change in time and can even span multiple cadastral parcels. The cultivation areas where you plant your crops are defined on the fields. Crop areas can also differ in time, there can be multiple crop areas in the same field (e.g. multi-crop growing, crop protection zones, ..)

Expert models = reciepe for cultivation

Expert models are recipes how to grow a certain crop. It contains tasks, needed materials, machinery and workers. Next task can be started after X days or upon the plant reaching a certain phenological phase. By using expert models you significantly reduce the work in planning.


Resources contain self propelled machinery (e.g. tractors, combines, …), implements (ploughs, sprayers, …) and labor (workers, temps, …). In addition to defined costs, each resource tracks utilization so you know which one is used where and when.

Plan for strategic decisions

PANTHEON Farming allows you to simulate and plan. Multiple plans are suuported so you can play with variants (e.g. extensive cultivation, organic, high/low risk…). The plan will show you land use, forecasted yield quantities, utilisation of resources and own production cost.
Planning is one of the central aspects of any well-run business and for the first time in history a user friendly and headache free planning is possible in Agro as well.

Operational planning – Work Orders

Once you decide on strategy, Plan is converted to Work orders where you do your operational planning. Should I use the big green tractor or the small red one? My harvester must be repaired, what can I replace it with? Rain is comming, can I put two tractors to work to finish faster?

How effective was your work?

Check true costs of your cultivation. See if you’ve used all your land optimally. Compare yields and their costs. Easily dig out the reasons for bad results. And much, much more.

Tools for cultivation

There’s a plentitude of tools in Pantheon Farming that help you do your job better. Plus, through them you connect the outside world to your farming/business activities.



SatFeedz – satellite NDVI that anyone can afford

Overlay your crop maps with accurate, timely and affordable satellite data feeds and check the NDVI, SAVI or plentitude of other indexes and information displays.

AgMeteo – hyperlocalised trustworthy weather information

Get real-time weather information where you needed – displayed right on your fields. Do strategic planning with the help of 30 year historical data or change your operational plans to the weather conditions. Whatever you need, meteo is going to be right there at your fingertips, integrated in the features of PANTHEON Farming.

Crop Optimizer

By helping farmers apply water, fertilizers and pest treatments at the right time in the right amounts, Crop Optimizer helps preserve limited resources and the environment.

Fertilization Plan

Based on soil analyses and expected nutrient subtractions, you can easily calculate the necessary amounts of fertilizers for individual crops and the planned crop yield.

Resources Needed in Grass Production

Farmers can estimate how many attachments and how much material they will need in the future with the help of Expert Models.

Remote Sensing – Vegetation Index

The Program integrates satellite imagery from Sentinel-2, calculates indexes, and provides decision support tool to monitor and examine plant health before and after nutrition or irrigation.

Special Features

In addition to basic features, the specific modules also contain special features.


Crops Module

By selecting specific crops (corn, wheat, potatoes, pumpkins, etc.), the module determines the crop production cycle and provides users with an estimate as to the yield and duration of the cycle. To each crop production cycle, a field or adjusted crop area is assigned, to which users can assign different Common Agricultural Policy measures. Users can record daily tasks, including material and machinery usage.


Vegetables Module

Vegetable production is characterized by shorter growing seasons and the use of production-oriented agricultural machinery and equipment (harvesting machines, irrigation systems, etc.). Commercial vegetable production requires deliberate and targeted tasks, which will be monitored by our planning production concept.


Grassland & Pastures Module

The Grassland & Pastures module deals with cultivation of permanent grasslands. In addition to basic feature, users can also transfer grassland-related data from web services and use expert models with preset tasks.

Situations where PANTHEON Farming module is needed

  • Processes are not IT supported.
  • Minimal or inefficient cost control.
  • No traceability of workers, no control of their real efficiency.
  • Working “by gut feeling”. No overview of required work in specific locations.
  • No possibility to record events and material usage on the spot. Errors in recording.
  • Material theft on the farm.
  • Poor yield-cost comparison.
  • Lack of overview of actual quantities of produced and sold products.

The Complete Business Overview of Your Farm

Your data will be posted to the proper accounts in no time. See videos on how PANTHEON Farming is helping you to get down to business quicker.
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