Business Overview of Your Farm

PANTHEON Farming combines operational data with material movement data and financial data. The back office system, as complete and detailed it is, it’s adapted to the needs of agricultural holdings.

“All records that farms have to keep and have usually been kept on paper, can now be kept in PANTHEON Farming, which means that you no longer need to deliver documentation to your external accountant. This reduces the risk of misplaced documentation.”

Alja Strunčnik Urbanč

Vitke rešitve d.o.o., Slovenia

Data are automatically transferred into inventory accounting and from there into financial accounting.

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All invoices, received and issued, can be posted automatically. Everything is properly posted for you to see the real financial situation of your farm.

Recording Purchase and Sales

Running a farm requires recording purchases, the sale of goods and materials, as well as taking inventory. In addition to that, PANTHEON Farming enables continuous data analysis.

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Animal Invoicing

PANTHEON Farming enables automatic reporting and invoicing in simple, quick and paperless way.

FADN Report

All farmers who receive grants are required to report animal movements, the movement of production and financial movements on the farm for a period of five years. Each country has a different method for collecting data. In PANTHEON Farming, data are collected on a monthly basis. Every task, invoice, crop or animal only needs to be entered once, and the program uses the entry to prepare a FADN report.

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