Frequently Asked Questions


What is PANTHEON Farming and who is it for?
PANTHEON Farming is an ERP solution for business and technological processes in agriculture. The system is suitable for small family-owned farms and larger agricultural holdings. Depending on the module or license you choose, you’ll be able to manage data for specialized agricultural activities and accounting purposes.
In addition to agriculture, we also perform other services. Can I manage data for all my business activities?
You can use the program to manage your farm and supplementary business at the same time. The condition for managing your data in a single database is that both are registered under the same business subject. If the main business activity and the supplementary business are registered under different subjects, then two separate databases are created and the data are kept separately (important for accounting and VAT purposes).
We have employees at our farm, for whom payroll has to be calculated. Is payroll accounting included in the PANTHEON Farming software?
The program enables you to manage employees or workers and their time spent on various tasks. PANTHEON Farming works in concert with other licenses from the PANTHEON family, with which you can also calculate payroll.
What are items?
Items is everything you buy or sell; these can be goods, materials or services. The PANTHEON Farming items register includes the following: produce, processed goods, tasks, fertilizers, materials and goods, and services. You only have to enter information into the items register once. After that you can simply select the item you need. Items can subsequently be changed, but two items cannot be entered with the same ID (duplicate records).
Can I issue e-invoices and verified invoices with PANTHEON Farming?
Yes, the program enables you to issue e-invoices and fiscally verified invoices. You only need to obtain the appropriate digital certificates and adjust the settings.
Is PANTHEON Farming compatible with FADN? Can I create the appropriate reports?
FADN reports in the program are created on a monthly basis and are returned to the competent local authority. At the end of the year, the local authority then compiles an annual report that is then sent to the FADN liaison agency.
We own a relatively small farm. Why would we even need an ERP system?

Whether or not a farm is small or large, you need to know how to allocate your resources at any given moment. By keeping track of expenses, you can quickly make decisions as to which crops might be most profitable for your farm. The market offers a lot of very specialized systems, whereas PANTHEON Farming covers all areas an agricultural holding might need in one place. The various areas in the modules are connected and kept up to date with current legislation.

Sitting down at the computer to enter data doesn’t sound very pleasant after a hard day’s work at the farm. What can PANTHEON Farming do to make life easier?

There is a mobile application designed specifically for agriculture. With the mobile app, you can enter data when you’re still in the field. You can also use it to issue and print packing slips. Everything you do is also reflected in the desktop version of the program.


Are the records in compliance with agricultural legislation?
The records (e.g. spreadsheets, forms) for the agricultural sector (AECP, FADN monthly reports, wine cellar records, etc.), which are created in PANTHEON Farming conform to the structures defined by current legislation. The accuracy of the data inserted in the forms or tables depends on the precision of the user.


Can data connect with other databases?
The data entered into PANTHEON Farming are meant for internal use and are not automatically connected with other databases. In certain cases, one-way connections with governmental databases can be established, but this varies by localization. Check with your country’s Datalab partner for more information.
How can I avoid spending time creating an invoice for an animal I'm selling?
PANTHEON Farming enables simple reporting and invoicing. When you buy a new animal and create a new animal record in PANTHEON Farming, all necessary documents are created. The animal is recorded in the animal register and a new invoice is created. The procedure is the same when you’re selling the animal. You can simply send the invoice via e-mail or through e-invoicing directly to your customer.

Grapes and Wine

Can I keep wine cellar records? How?
You can keep wine cellar records for the tasks for each wine variety you’re producing. For each task you can record the time, the nature of the task, and how much material was used. At the same time, information about inventory is recorded. You can also record details about measurements you conduct during each task. The records can simply be imported into spreadsheets or forms, which can then be printed.

Fruits and Nuts

Can I record completed tasks for specific rows in one orchard with PANTHEON Farming?
Yes, with PANTHEON Farming you can record tasks for specific parts of your orchards. Additionally, you can keep track of completed tasks for individual fruit varieties. How the program will keep the records depends on the settings, as well as how you define the cycles.
Can I record the spraying times and the phenophase of the fruit trees during spraying?
Yes, PANTHEON Farming enables recording of the exact time of spraying. You can also record the phenophase of fruit trees, when you’re spraying. The time of spraying, pesticide type and other data can also be entered with the mobile application.
I grow walnuts. Can I record tasks such as processing walnuts into walnut oil with PANTHEON Farming?
Various tasks and sales of nuts are already available, while tasks related to processing nuts into oil are in preparation.

Need more answers?

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