Grapes & Wine Modules

Everything you need to manage your vineyard and wine cellar activities.

PANTHEON Farming allows you to manage your vineyards and/or cellars by tracking the whole process from growing grapes to bottling wine, constantly being aware of production costs and quality of the wine.

“If the winemaker doesn’t keep good records during the winemaking process, a lot of important data and notes could be lost and therefore, the opportunity to learn from the good and from the bad, and to become a better winemaker will be lost.”
Damir Lučić

Farmer and fruit & grape specialist at Datalab Agro, Croatia

Wine Cellar in Your Pocket

Winemaker manages all cellaring tasks using basic information. You can use an add-on with a more detailed interface if you’re a more demanding user.

Wine Growing

It’s impossible to make unique and high quality wine out of bad grapes. Growing great grapes is never a matter of coincidence. Rather, they are the result of careful planning and consistent task execution. Additionally, weather plays an important role in determining quality. Beneficial weather events can be enhanced and adverse events can be diminished, but only if you know about them in advance and what to do.

Main Features

  • Optimization of the wine growing processes
  • Management of daily tasks: Planting, Fertilization, Protection, PRM Care and Cultivation, PRM Mechanical Tasks, Mowing, Product (Harvest), Other Tasks and History
  • Pest monitoring in multiple locations for precise pest determination
  • Alert system in time of increased pest population.
  • Mobile Pesticide calculator for calculating pesticide quantity on location
  • Disease monitoring
  • Planning module for optimizing machinery and workers
  • Dashboards & analytics for wine growing

Wine Making

We’ve developed the winemaking module by carefully weighing all the needs of modern winemakers. The module enables recording and overview of the complete winemaking process. It’s a tool for easier calculations and work organization in order to make wine in the most efficient way. By using it winemakers can safeguard the unique qualities of their wine under maximum control.

Main Features

  • All cellar tasks covered, from pressing grapes to selling bottled wine
  • Operations can be tracked for every container including material consumption
  • Overview of cellar statuses and inventory on your mobile phone
  • Dashboards & analytics for wine growing

Situations where PANTHEON Farming module is needed

  • Processes are not IT supported.
  • Minimal or inefficient cost control.
  • No traceability of workers, no control of their real efficiency.
  • Working “by gut feeling”. No overview of required work in specific locations.
  • No possibility to record events and material usage on the spot. Errors in recording.
  • Material theft on the farm.
  • Poor yield-cost comparison.
  • Lack of overview of actual quantities of produced and sold products.

The Complete Business Overview of Your Farm

Your data will be posted to the proper accounts in no time. See videos on how PANTHEON Farming is helping you to get down to business quicker.
PANTHEON Farming Mobile App
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