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“I can’t imagine myself keeping records on paper or in Excel anymore.”

Mr. Andrei Alexe, farmer

Andrei Alexe

What kind of farm do you have and what is your main activity?
The main activities on our farm are crop farming (cereals, sunflowers, and pastures) and animal husbandry (dairy and beef cattle).

How big is your farm, how many people work there, and how long has it existed?
The total surface is around 210ha, divided into 40ha of pastures and 70ha of fields. There are 35-40 head of dairy cattle and 30 head of beef cattle in the stable on average. There are 5 workers at the farm, including myself. I usually do most of the work with machinery. The other workers divide crop farming tasks or stable activities according to present needs. Our company was established in 2009

Where do you sell your products? How do you market them?
We sell our products wholesale to different customers, and we have clients that come to us, especially for dairy products and animals.

What differentiates you from farms with similar activities? What makes you special?
We conduct our activities according to environmental rules with special focus on increasing field soil fertility and to obtain flavorful and ecological milk and beef. We’re looking for niches in traditional products and we think that PANTHEON Farming will help us keep track of production processes and increase efficiency.

Who are you grateful to for your success so far? What motivates and drives you?
The key to our success is the passion for our activity and our integrated farm (crops and livestock). Even at small scale, this allows us to have products that aren’t just milk and beef in addition to adding value to crop farming. The future goal is to grow and improve the farm, diversify production focused on maximizing profit per unit with new methods and technologies, which are – most importantly – all ecological and environmentally friendly.

Why did you decide to use PANTHEON FA?
We are still using PANTHEON Farming as part of the Agro IT project, but we intend to continue using the FA license that lets us have a good overview of livestock activities, material stock and consumption.

What kind of benefits did you expect of the program (e.g. less time spent entering data and making reports, farm and cost overview, higher efficiency, control over pesticide and fertilizer usage, tracking, etc.)?
The benefits came with using the program for a time. We can say now that it can save time with registers and consulting data. The program also helps with automatic calculations and alerts.

To what extent did it meet your expectations?
During the time we’ve been using PANTHEON Farming at the farm, there were new features developed, such as rent contract management, which is a really big help for us. I’m still adapting to the program and learning to take advantage of all its features. I’d like the program to have more visual icons, which is more user-friendly. A GIS module where I can find all my parcels would also be great.

How would describe your experience with PANTHEON Farming?
Now that registers were introduced, it is much easier to deal with information. I can’t imagine myself keeping records on paper or in Excel.

Did you attend any training? Was it a challenge to start using the program?
I attended training as part of the Agro IT project, and technical support at any time it was needed.

Would you recommend PANTHEON Farming to a friend, neighbor or another farm? Why?
For farmers like us, I would definitely recommend it. PANTHEON Farming makes your registers access easier.

Would you like to add anything?
The GIS compatibility with sensors and navigation systems for agricultural machinery would reduce data entry time for crop production activities. We expect to change our milking room in the near future and to import our daily milking registers quickly to PANTHEON Farming.

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