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PZ Salić

“Technology is moving forward and our wish was that our farm becomes a modern one, where we can monitor our herd easily, so we decided to introduce an ERP system.”

Mr. Pavo Salić, PZ Salić

  1. How big is your farm, how many people work there and how long has it existed?
    We took over the farm in 2010, and seven employees who are also members of the family currently work at the farm. We take care of 110 cows and we have more than 100 ha of land.
  1. Where do you sell your products? How do you market them?
    We sell our products locally and we have excellent cooperation with PZ Napredak that we sell our milk to.
  1. What differentiates you from farms with similar activities? What makes you special?
    If you need to choose one single thing that makes our farm special, it would be that we are a family business in which all members of the family invest 101% of themselves, however I do not really perceive it as a job but a way of life and our animals are part of our family to which we relate with special care and respect.
  1. Who are you grateful to for your success so far? What motivates and drives you?
    For success in business I can thank my entire family, because they taught me that hard work pays off and how to treat animals and the earth with respect. Simply put – how much of yourself you give to nature, nature gives twice as much back. The fact that now I’m a father pushes me forward and I would like to teach my child how to love work and agriculture.
  1. Why did you decide to buy/lease PANTHEON Farming?
    Technology is moving forward and our wish was that our farm becomes a modern one, where we can monitor our herd easily, so we decided to introduce an ERP system. At first sight, PANTHEON Farming satisfied all of our needs, but after we start working with Pantheon Farming, we found out it is more than that.
  1. What kind of benefits did you expect of the program (e.g. less time spent entering data and making reports, farm and cost overview, higher efficiency, control over pesticide and fertilizer usage, tracking, etc.)?
    All our data are in one place, available and ready to review. It certainly makes it easier to manage business; I know exactly what is happening with each cow and on the basis of the data I entered, I can have access to the exact financial condition of the business and it is easier to plan and make decisions.
  1. How would you describe your experience with PANTHEON Farming?
    PANTHEON Farming is a very simple and intuitive program. After the initial training and implementation, we very quickly started to use it on a daily basis.
  1. Did you attend any training? Was it a challenge to start using the program?
    We started using PANTHEON Farming at beginning of this year (2016). We have not yet had the opportunity to participate in PANTHEON Farming academy, because we just finished the basic training, but we would be glad to respond to the call and participate in the training and learn more.
  1. Would you recommend PANTHEON Farming to a friend, neighbor or another farm? Why?
    I would certainly recommend it to everyone, and I do that every time I have the opportunity! Because it is easy to manage your farm and saves time when entering data.
  1. What kind of farm do you have and what is your main activity?
    We are a family farm and we produce milk and crops for our needs.
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