Farming Business in the Cloud

Security Standards and Data Encryption

Users’ data are stored at secure data centers that are certified by strict international security standards. These standards encompass both security against the theft or destruction of data by hackers (provided by firewalls, encryption protocols, etc.) and security against accidents (earthquakes, fires, etc.)

To prevent data leaks on the way from the user’s computer to the data center, communication between PANTHEON and the server is encrypted through an SSL connection. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connections use the most powerful algorithms and are commonly used for credit card and other sensitive e-business operations. With PANTHEON Hosting, user data are securely locked down at every step of the process: from transfer over the Internet to data storage at the data center.

What is PANTHEON Farming Hosting?

Data entered into PANTHEON Farming software (e.g. invoices, animal data, accounting, etc.) is stored in a database, which is usually located on a dedicated server. The server is always active so that the data is constantly available. In addition, appropriate security measures to prevent data loss have been taken on the server level such as backup, physical and software protection.

Normally you have to provide the server equipment with corresponding maintenance or sort it out through a provider. With our hosting service you don’t have to worry anymore because your databases are stored in a data center where strict safety and technical requirements are fulfilled. It is not a web application that runs in a browser. You have your PANTHEON Farming installed locally like any other program and connect via Internet to the database. There is always the possibility to redirect your database on your computer if you wish.

No Need to Have Your Own Dedicated Server

The purpose of hosting is to offer smaller companies and accounting firms access to state-of-the-art business solutions.

Many small companies cannot afford the investments that are required to enter the world of business resource technology – the costs are simply too great. As a result, a number of companies are without suitable business solutions or opt for cheaper programs that do not suit their needs.

The development of Internet technologies and the rapid growth of processing capacities have led to the emergence of data centers that deal exclusively with renting out information technology. Users can, for example, rent a database server or an Internet server for an affordable price. The same technology would be beyond their reach if they had to purchase it.

With PANTHEON Hosting, users get the best of both worlds.

Data centers offer state-of-the-art hardware, and can lease the PANTHEON business solution from Datalab. The only thing users need is a user name and a password for logging in to the system – everything else is already prepared and included in the price. An additional advantage of hosting is that accounting firms and their clients can simultaneously access the same data (stored on the same server), reducing accounting costs.

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