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Eko Ilinden Cooperative

“We learned that the only opportunity at the moment in Macedonia is Pantheon Farming.”

Mrs. Suzana Dimitrievska

Head of Eko Ilinden agricultural cooperative

Suzana Dimitrievska, head of the Cooperative, sits at the head of the table and discusses the group’s experiences.

  1. How big is your company, how many employees do you have and how long have you been in business?
    The Cooperative was established in February 2015 by 11 producers who believe in the concept of organic production. We have about 100 workers in our production process.
  1. Where do you sell your products? How do you market them?
    Together we produce various kinds of products such as sunflower seeds, honey, grapes, melons, fodder and several members keep cattle, sheep and cows. We sell our products mostly in specialized stores for organic food.
  1. Why did you decide to buy/lease PANTHEON?
    At the very beginning we had several problems: we had to record commodity prices, how to reduce costs, how to increase efficiency and be more organized to gather all information relevant to the management team, how to bring our production into the future, when to use crop protection products, and how to use all of this information at the right time. All this was the reason to think about purchasing a program. We learned that the only opportunity at the moment in Macedonia is PANTHEON Farming.
  1. What kind of benefits did you expect of the program (e.g. issuing bills, less time spent entering data and making reports, resource tracking, easier collaboration with accounting services, cost control, higher efficiency, etc.)?
    Strictly reports and bills, but it’s very important for the whole Cooperative to have data for all operations.
  1. How would you describe your experience with PANTHEON?
    Working with Farming is really fast and easy. We save a lot of time and it also contributes to faster and more successful decision-making. Also, at the very beginning we received excellent training by Datalab employees with answers for all our questions and tips on how to optimize our processes. It’s really important for any company that wants to be successful to have a friend like Datalab.
  1. Would you like to add anything?
    One of the key factors for success in agriculture is the introduction of new IT technologies. PANTHEON Farming is exactly that product. We hope for mutual success.
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