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Nataša Šinkovec, Irenee s.p.

“Once you master it, you have much more time for your actual work.”

Nataša Šinkovec, Irenee s.p.

Nataša Šinkovec, Irenee s.p.

What kind of company do you have and what is your primary activity?
It’s a small family company and we mainly process ecologically grown food, grains and vegetables into high-quality products. We also market our own products.

How big is your company, how many employees do you have and how long have you been in business?
There’s two of us and we’ve been in business since 2008.

Where do you sell your products? How do you market them?
We market and sell our products at fairs and in stores.

What differentiates you from companies with similar activities? What makes you special?
All our products are hand made and unique.

Who are you grateful to for your success so far. What motivates and drives you?
In the beginning it was a little bit of luck, but mostly it’s our perseverance and the desire to offer something different to the market.

Why did you decide to buy/lease PANTHEON?
I decided to get the program to save time when issuing bills and keeping track of our resources, supplies, sales, etc.

What kind of benefits did you expect of the program (e.g.: issuing bills, less time spent entering data and making reports, resource tracking, easier collaboration with accounting services, cost control, higher efficiency, etc.)?
I expected a little bit of each.

To what extent did it meet your expectations?

How would you describe your experience with PANTHEON?
It’s easy to understand and clear.

Did you attend any training? Was it a challenge to start using the program?
Only basic training.

Would you recommend PANTHEON to a friend, neighbor or another similar company? Why?
Yes, because once you master it, you have much more time for your actual work.

Would you like to add anything?
Thank you for reaching out to me and informing me about the program.

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