Datalab calls for votes to become the ‘National Public Champion’ for Slovenia in this year’s European Business Awards, Europe’s largest business competition. The company has posted a video online at telling the unique story of PANTHEON Farming Solution (Complete Farm Management Information System) success in Innvoation category, and hopes the general public will vote for them after the vote opens on the 9 January.

Andrej Mertelj, CEO, says: “Please vote for us! We have until 1 March for people to watch our video and vote for us to be the National Public Champion for Slovenia. This vote means a lot as we are very proud of our company, so to have public approval of our success is a great endorsement. Thank you to everyone in advance for their support!


PANTHEON Farming is a cloud-based or on-site software solution for farm management and an integral part of the PANTHEON family of business software, specifically tailored for the information and working needs of farmers. It is being developed to offer new services (IT support of all processes in farming) to new target group (farmers, their accountants and agricultural consultants). As a unique software solution for farmers, it covers all farm processes; from start (data gathering) – by giving advice/decision support and warnings for timely and economical decisions – to finish (accounting) for farms of all sizes and sectors.

The main advantage of PANTHEON Farming is the ability to take into consideration all necessary variables on the farm and on the other hand eases the farmer’s burden of accurately dealing with them by ceding this work to a machine (computer and phone). Providing a clear picture on farm activity in real depth, encompassing all multidimensional levels of agricultural resources with on-time decision support and warning systems, offered to users in complete localized versions, is what makes PANTHEON farming’s position unique on the Smart farming solutions’ market.

The public vote sees over 350 National Champions competing against each other in 34 countries across Europe. After seven weeks the voting will close and the company with the most votes in each country will be named ‘National Public Champion’ on 6 March 2017.

After the National Public Champions have been decided, a second public vote will take place between the country winners for the title of ‘European Public Champion’. The voting for this takes place between 6 March and 27 April, and the result will be announced at the European Business Awards Gala Final in Spring.

Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards said: “Last year the public vote generated over 227,000 votes from across the globe. It is a very important part of the Awards as it gives these fantastic

companies another way of showing their achievements. So please have a look at our web site and cast your vote!”

The European Business Awards was set up to support the development of a stronger and more successful business community throughout Europe. This year it engaged with over 33,000 businesses from 34 countries.

Further information about the National Champions and the Awards can be found at and

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EBA and PANTHEON Farming - Vote now

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