So far, PANTHEON Farming allowed for managing olive oil tasks and material consumption, as well as time management. The new version of PANTHEON Farming introduces a virtual olive oil cellar, where you can now receive olive oil into stainless steel containers. These containers can be used to rack, filter, blend, and bottle the oil. Analyses can now also be entered into the program, ensuring that all your data are in one place, so that you may later use them to compare the quality of different vintages.

When you enter tasks, you also keep records in accordance with local legislation at the same time. You can view completed tasks, as well as keep track of stock and sales at any given time. Issuing invoices is easy in PANTHEON Farming, and you have various reports at your disposal to help you compare and analyze sales by different criteria.

PANTHEON Farming is enriched with added Oil module for olive and nuts growers and oil presses.

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