Macedonian Chamber of Commerce and Datalab Macedonia Press Conference

The current state in the agro sector and the need for transition to modern, competitive and precise agriculture

Datalab Macedonia introduced the PANTHEON Farming software solution to the public during a press conference covered by state media on November 28. The main purpose was to raise awareness among farmers about the benefits of using new and modern technologies for farming. This event was organized and supported by the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is a public institution, interested in commercialization of ICT solutions for farming as a state potential to modernize and improve agricultural practices.

Mr. Vasko Ristovski, consultant for the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce responsible for agriculture and the food industry said:
‘In the following period we plan more educational activities and events for farmers, because they need modern technologies to manage their farm more successfully.’

We are looking forward to collaboration between Datalab Macedonia and the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce. You can watch the Conference Live Clip at:

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