Ivana Pinkle, PANTHEON Farming Consultant

I joined the Datalab Agro Croatia team when I was finishing my university degree in business information technology in 2013.

Connecting the seemingly unrelated, Agriculture and IT, is a major challenge. It requires constant personal development and learning, but also a willingness to share that knowledge with others. As consultant for PANTHEON Farming, I spend a lot of time and pay attention to that issue; following the latest trends in agriculture and IT, and advising farmers how to keep up with developments in technology.

Finding the best solution for them to keep track of their business, while avoiding bureaucracy as much as possible, so that they have as much time as possible for farming is my most important task. There is no one universal advice, each agricultural company, farm or OPG is special and unique, and therefore I approach each one as an individual challenge. I am often in the field; I listen, ask questions, learn and – together with my colleagues – create the best ERP, PANTHEON Farming, to help farmers with their daily work. It’s great to be part of someone’s success, even if it’s ‘backstage’.

This job is very dynamic; it involves a lot of traveling, a lot of communication and that is what makes it perfect – at least to me.
Additionally, through this job, I met many great people; members of the Datalab Agro team, as well as farmers. That is something that money cannot buy and is the reason why I love my job, and I try to do it as best I can.

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