Pig fattening is a business that runs on a very tight margin. This is especially true for Slovenia where pig production is suffering due to low prices and high costs.

PANTHEON Farming therefore developed a specialized module that enables you to track your production of pigs. With pig fattening module you are able to track events like arrivals, group transfers, feeding, treatments, weighing, departures and other events (like stall cleaning or manure shoveling). If you are tracking all of these events with PANTHEON Farming you will be able to get a broader insight in your operation:

  • Where did my animals come from and to whom were they sold to?
  • What did those animals eat and where did those feed come from?
  • What tasks were done at each animal group, when and by whom?
  • What materials were used and where did they come from?
  • How much of the cost and revenue was generated by each group?

In PANTHEON Farming each pig stall is recorded as an individual group. Throughout the process of breeding, animals are treated as group for weighing, treatment and feeding. There is a small difference at arrival and departure of animals. When you purchase animals, you have to mark them with ID when you add them to the group. This is used then only at departures, where you have to select animals not only from group, but also from ID.


  • You buy 10 animals from farmer XX. You mark animals with ID XX1 and add them to stall 1.
  • At the same time you buy 20 animals from farmer YY. You mark these animals with ID YY1 and add them also to stall 1.
  • When you record feeding or treatment, you feed all 30 animals from stall1 no matter what ID do they have.
  • Few day later you sell 25 animals and you have to specify from what ID they were sold (10 with ID XX1 and 15 with ID YY1). This gives you a traceability and you are able to prove where your animals came from in case of any trouble.

Pig fattening as a separate module in PANTHEON Farming

Pig fattening module is composed of three parts:

  • List of groups with number of animals (currently and at arrival), weight (current and at arrival), goal weight and date when goal weight will be achieved.
  • List of events, inserted for individual group (by default shown only for active rotation cycle)
  • Analytics for each group (for active rotation and whole group).

What is goal weight and how is it calculated?

When you record animals at arrival, you can insert to what weight you will feed them. Based on predefined weight gains that are added to you database, software will automatically calculate approximately, when this weight will be achieved. When you insert weighing for selected group, this date will be recalculated.

What parameters do we calculate in analytics?

Each recorded event updates analytics so that you can always see updated information. As was said before, analytics is calculated for active group in one column and whole group from beginning in another. Calculated parameters are:

Parameter Current value Total group value
Total number of animals Current animals Number of animals at all arrivals
Average days in rotation Days from first arrival in rotation and todays date Days from first arrival to last departure in rotation
Total weight gain Total number of kilograms gained from arrival weight to last weighing. Total number of kilograms from arrival weight to departure weight.
Weight gain/animal Weight gain per animal Weight gain per animal
Mortality rate Share of dead animals from all animals Share of dead animals from all animals
Feed costs Total cost of feed in active rotation Total cost of feed in whole group
Treatment costs Total cost of treatment in active rotation Total cost of treatment in whole group
Other costs Other costs in whole group (costs for animal purchase, cost from other events)
Gross margin/sold animal Gross margin on sold animals for active rotation Gross margin on sold animals for whole group

Feeding module enables optimization of meals according to animals needs

Feed costs usually represent majority of costs in livestock and it is therefore crucial to keep the under control. PANTHEON Farming enables you to optimize meal rations according to selected weight gain. While you create desired ration, PANTHEON Farming will calculate parameters (energy requirements, intake capacity, etc.). Additionally, each meal is equipped with cots per animal, which enables you to calculate costs of feeding from purchase prices of feed.

Additional functionalities of pig fattening module

Besides general functionality that was described above, we also introduces some additional features that will help you record data or make better use of them.

Feed usage calculation

Once you create meals and feeding group, PANTHEON Farming will automatically calculate approximately when your feed stock will be empty. This will help you manage your feed stock and optimize your warehousing.

Transfer of piglets to pig fattening

If your pig breeding covers also breeding sows, you can use a functionality to transfers piglets from mother to breeding stall. This will give you a traceability of pigs from mother to slaughterhouse. Additionally, you could also track productivity for pigs from different sows.

Import of animals

If you have a large scale production, manual data entry could be very time consuming. Therefore we developed a data import functionality, which enables you to import animal groups from Excel (or txt) file) according to pre designed templates. If you are buying animals from different sources and each source has its own file structure you can define template for both and import them very easily.

Graphical overview of groups

Each holding also has its own graphical overview. This solution enables you to graphically structure location of your breeding stalls and record tasks directly through graphical overview.

PANTHEON Farming mobile application

Mobile application of PANTHEON Farming is a very helpful tool for management of your farm. It enables you to access and record information in your database through your smartphone. Since it accesses the same database than desktop version, you have all of your data in one place and can access it anytime and anywhere.

Pig fattening module is also a part of mobile application. It enables you to review and record data for each group. You can therefore record all necessary information directly at the scene of the event.

Other PANTHEON Features

As pig fattening is a part of PANTHEON Farming and whole PANTHEON software it also includes features of PANTHEON Family. The all function on the same database so there is no need for any data transfer.

You can find more information about other features on our websites



Gašper Petelin, Datalab, Animal Science expert

Gašper Petelin is a product manager in charge of livestock modules in PANTHEON Farming. With knowledge about animals from his bachelor studies, he is developing a comprehensive solution for livestock farms. He is also an active member of Agro IT project, co-funded by the European Commission within the CIP ICT Policy Support Programme.

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