Agricultural machinery has been state-of-art until it comes to the technology for process and cost optimization

Optimization has been known as the key factor of success since the beginning of industrial production. Today, there are a large number of different software programs, which were developed for process and cost optimization in a specific field. But what about farming? Farming is a basic human activity, since it provides food and raw materials for the processing industry. Until recently, there were only partial solutions for different isolated processes in farming. There were programs for fertilizing plan calculation, programs for crop management, for dairy production, programs for farming accounting, etc., but none of these covered all aspects of optimization in farming.

Farming is a particularly demanding field since it includes so many different fields of knowledge: agriculture, viticulture, animal husbandry, machinery management, workforce management, cost optimization, accounting and others.

Crop management

The optimization in farming is crucial not only for cost reduction but also for ecological reasons and increasing crop yields. Precise fertilizing plans enables the farmer to plan yields and the cost of fertilizers for several years in advance. Optimized plant nutrition leads to higher yields and healthier plants with higher nutrient content. This reduces the cost of pesticides, fertilizers and, last but not least, less residue of pesticides in the environment.

Animal Feed

Better crop management results in higher feed quality which provides the base for milk and meat production. But no matter how high the quality of feed we provide animals, the production is low if the meals are not adjusted for the needs of a specific category of animals. The needs of a dairy cow which produces 25 liters of milk per day are nothing like the needs of a Charolais bull which is grown for meat production. Therefore, optimizing the calculation of feeding plans is one of the crucial elements of successful animal husbandry.


Besides optimized farming technology, there is another important aspect of cost management – the workforce. Farm workers should be motivated for efficient work and the owner must have an overview over travel expenses, machine hours, working hours and sick leaves of the employees to meet demands.

Crop optimization within PANTHEON Farming

PANTHEON Farming solutions for optimization

The PANTHEON Farming information system is a versatile farming management tool which provides solutions for all the farming challenges mentioned above.

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