“The cooperation between the agricultural sector and the IT industry will bring Ukraine’s agriculture to a new level,” said advisor to the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Vladyslav Rutytska who took an active part in the event organized by the Kyiv city state: SMART AGRICULTURE: A DRIVER OF FUTURE DEVELOPMENT OF AGRICULTURE

On 19 August the Kyiv city state administration held a Slovenian-Ukrainian roundtable whose theme became “Intelligent solutions for farmers in Slovenia: the future driver for agriculture in Ukraine.”

The meeting was attended by the Slovenian Ambassador to Ukraine, Nataša Prah, First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Maxim Martyniuk, Advisor to the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Vladyslav Rutytska, deputy mayor Peter Panteleeva, specialists of the Department of Agricultural Development of the Kyiv Regional State Administration, as well as Slovenian and Ukrainian IT and representatives of agribusiness Ukraine.

Those present at the roundtable discussed the efficient management of processes and resources of the Slovenian agricultural sector with the help of IT products and solutions.

The Slovenian Ambassador to Ukraine, Nataša Prah in her opening remarks stressed that she expects long-term and reliable relations between Slovenia and Ukraine in the field of agricultural innovation and projects. This head of KCSA, Panteleeva Peter said: “Ukraine appreciates the assistance of European companies and thanks for all the great support and openness to cooperation.”

In addition, First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Maxim Martyniuk, said that due to the ongoing situation in Ukraine, agriculture has become the leading sector of the economy. That is why he advised farmers to improve their productivity and performance through information technology.

“Agriculture and IT are the two of the most advanced industries. The synergy between them can bring Ukraine to a new level,” said advisor to the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Vladyslav Rutytska, who took an active part in the event by asking questions of the Slovenian speakers.

The first speaker, Grega Milčinski, presented the Sinergise program, through which you can get information about the Earth’s surface via images made by the Sentinel-2 satellite. He also presented a number of opportunities to view images in a variety of spectra (RGB, red-edge, etc.) and new technology for cleaning up clouds in the images. At the end of his speech, Grega said that he is ready to work with Ukrainian authorities – Derzhheokadastrom and Minahro – and businesses.

The next speaker was the CEO of Datalab Agro, Andrej Mertelj. The topic of his talk was “Global IT trends in agriculture. The benefits and opportunities for Ukrainian agricultural sector. “He raised the issue of data privacy, saying, “If you do not pay for software you use, it means that someone else pays for it and has access to your data. See for example, on Facebook, which has your most intimate data.”

Privacy data also supported the company’s CEO Valery Drone. UA Yakovenko touching on the reliability of data centers and EU initiatives on which private data, among them agricultural producers and data, are stored and remain within their country of origin. According to Valery, after the implementation of this initiative, the market for satellite imagery and services can change all now familiar to the business model.

In his presentation, Andrej Mertelj noted that one of the main problems of the agricultural sector in Ukraine in his opinion is that the farmers do not make full plans, but make economic calculations to satisfy the board of directors, “Planning and Management is one of the most important factors that affect the economic success of the economy. Poor management means a hole in the budget, poor work quality and waste of resources. We as a developer of integrated software set ourselves the goal to assist farmers to do business efficiently.”

Another important issue was investment. Andrej advised to invest in property and power, land and workers who are already in the company, noting: “Companies investing in people prosper, namely they determine the quality of production, and thus profits.”

First appeared in http://agronews.org/3147-umnye-fermerskie-resheniya-slovenii-budushchij-drajver-dlya-selskogo-khozyajstva-v-ukraine-chast-1

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