Check it out in Abu Dhabi at the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture, 16-17 February 2016, at the Datalab stand.

Across industries, big data can produce large data sets combined with massive processing capabilities to encourage cost-reducing opportunities. Farmers are not excluded from this transformation. Big data and analytics are used to improve farming, taking advantage of advanced technology, such as unmanned aircraft – drones.

LOGO_GFIA-2106Drones have been “hot stuff” for some time now, but still haven’t been adopted by many, especially farmers. At the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture, 16-17 February 2016, (GFIA 2016), in Abu Dhabi, we will be presenting how new technology can be of use in farming. In a joint presentation, Datalab, C-Astral and Modri Planet (3D Survey) will show how drones can be useful in keeping costs down in essential areas of the farming business, such as fertilizers and pesticides. Finding the best way to use them is a real challenge.

Capturing multispectral images using drones provides high-quality data for precision decision making. All the information can be captured according to user needs and in real time with integrated geolocation and geo-referencing. Data is processed and analyzed with expert models in the farming management system. The result supports decision-making: the farmer gets precise and timely information that he easily checks on his smartphone, tablet or computer. For example, how to use pesticides more effectively, how to fight a certain disease and repel pests, or when the best time to irrigate is.

A drone is much more precise in all areas compared to satellite images that refresh in certain intervals making it more expensive. Drones collect data on demand and in resolutions down to a few 10 cm, while satellites reach 10 m. Furthermore, drones produce excellent 3D relief maps (BTW), making all indices (NDVI, EVI and others) much more accurate and giving farmers more precise information.

The Farm management system PANTHEON Farming integrates everything that is important for farmers to optimize their business. We will be at the Global forum for innovations in agriculture, GFIA 2016, one of the most influential events for sustainable agriculture, to share the latest innovations with you: from precision farming solutions, Google Glass for farming, the PANTHEON Farming mobile app and more exciting new features.

Visit us in Abu Dhabi at the Global forum for innovations in agriculture, 16-17 February 2016!

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