Wine cellar and vineyard management in PANTHEON Farming

Winegrowing and winemaking have been part of European culture since ancient times. People have been hoeing, pruning and maintaining their vineyards and making their wine for centuries.

Creation of a good wine starts at the vineyard and continues in the cellar. The quality of wine depends on characteristics of the vineyard or its terroir and on the environment of the cellar and skills of the cellar keeper.

Modern wine production starts in the vineyard. Every procedure and every event in the vineyard leaves a mark on the grapes and keeping records is important. Time of pruning, fertilizing and spraying pesticides has a huge impact on later wine and knowing the data from the past allows us to avoid mistakes from the previous seasons.

Weather is also an important factor in the vineyard. Unfortunately, we cannot affect it, but we can record it and take timely measures to prevent damage. Even when the grapes are already in the press and must is in the barrels, the quality of the future wine may be improved by adding appropriate types of yeast, tannins, sulphur and cleaners.

PANTHEON Farming provides specialized modules for vineyards and wine cellars. The vineyard module allows viticulturists to enter data on tasks performed in a vineyard from pruning vines and mowing the grass between the vines to entering data on the quantity of grapes at the end of the season. The PANTHEON Farming software can be connected with weather stations and insect traps and all the data are readily available for the user.

The wine cellar module provides a wine cellar overview. The data on wine quantity, the number of bottles and barrels, wine temperature, and other important data can be readily accessed by the owner. Both the vineyard and wine cellar modules can be accessed via a mobile application and the data can be entered immediately.

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