Project coordinator of AgroIT project, Datalab d.d., and professor at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Proud to prepare people for a career in modern farming

The purpose of large environmental, agricultural and IT EU projects is to discover and develop technologies of the future and bring them closer to people. As our EU project, Agro IT, is reaching its final phase in 2016, I must say that I am very proud. We’ve succeeded to integrate some thrilling IT solutions into the open AgroIT platform, such as environmental and food safety solutions, a veterinary information system, automated insect monitoring, etc. The actual reward are farmers that are better prepared for a modern farming career in Romania, Denmark, Macedonia, Slovenia and Austria.

As project coordinator my main task has been to perform project scope and time management, coordinating activities and tasks with the help of work package leaders. The core skill for doing this successfully is understanding the modus operandi of business, technology, environment, agriculture and social sciences.

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