Small Changes in Barns May Have Big Effects on Milk Production

Ventilation and Air Conditioning in the Barn
High temperatures and high humidity are known to have negative effects on milk production and efficient barn ventilation systems are a necessity in warm and humid areas. Decrease of productivity due to high temperatures and humidity can be as much as 35 % of normal milk production.

Ventilation has another positive effect on the barn environment as it reduces the concentration of volatile gasses like methane and ammonia, which are common in barns and also reduce the productivity of dairy cows.
Farmers usually act on a hunch when they decide to activate ventilation in barns, but this approach is not very efficient, because they simply do not have time to check conditions in the barn on a regular basis.

If we want to reduce negative effects of barn environments on the productivity of dairy cows, we need to install automatic sensing system, which alert us in case of excessive temperatures or humidity.
To ensure the best environment in the barn, Datalab is developing connectivity of PANTHEON Farming software with Libelium sensor technology. Libelium provides a wide range of sensors for measuring temperature, humidity and gasses in barns.

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