PANTHEON Farming Expert Models – Tools for Better Planning

One of the most important new features added to PANTHEON Farming this fall are the so-called Expert Models. We’ve analyzed the current needs of farmers and decided to add the option for short, medium, and long-term resource planning. Using Expert Models, users can plan and analyze their production, as well as project total work hours, material and machinery use for the whole season.

PANTHEON Farming contains numerous expert models that can be used for a number of crops. Users choose a model, set the beginning and end of a cycle, and enter the expected crop yield. Then they define tasks in addition to time investment and machinery usage. Based on these data, users get a plan for each cycle, which helps them optimizer resources and lower costs.

Expert models can also be adapted and complemented to suit the needs and wishes of the user.

Planning is an area where a lot of people and companies fail.



Daily planning in PANTHEON Farming.

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